Grading – South West Taekwondo Academy

Grading Belts

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean Martial Art and is steeped in traditional. Gradings and belts
hold great significance and meaning.

Gradings are held at the end of each term for those students who have achieved the required skill level. Gradings are performed in according to the rules of Taekwondo Australia and the World Taekwondo Federation. Gradings are held at your normal class location
(until otherwise notified).

Black Belt Dan’s are recognized worldwide and are sent to Korea where the word federation
– Kukkiwon awards the certificates.
Multibelt Grading – South West Taekwondo AcademyBlack belt gradings are held on merit once or twice a year as students reach the required levels.

Where you will start

At the beginning, after your trail you will need to purchase a taekwondo uniform which is called a Dobok. Your Dobok comes with your very first belt, a white belt. The white belt symbolises innocence and is
the first step in your Taekwondo journey.

Each coloured belt has 3 levels called Gups, 9 through 1st plus one extra for the red belt level.

Yellow Belt

Your first graded taekwondo belt is a yellow belt. The yellow belt represents the earth, where
your taekwondo foundations are laid. Yellow is for the sun to nurture the new seed. As you sit
your grading and have a achieved the relevant level you earn the right to add a white strip to
the bottom of your belt.

Yellow 1st Strip – 9th  Gup, 2nd Strip – 8th  Gup 3rd Strip – 7th Gup

Blue Belt

Blue belt signifies the sky. As your skills grow you are becoming a tall plant reaching for the
blue sky. Blue 1st Strip – 6th  Gup, 2nd Strip – 4th  Gup 3rd Strip – 4th GupBlack Belt Grading – South West Taekwondo Academy

Red Belt

Red belt means danger, your skills are becoming great but you must learn self-control, for this
reason there are 4 levels to a red belt. Cho Dan Bo is the 4th level and is a red belt
with a black strip.

Red 1st Strip – 3rd  Gup, 2nd Strip – 2nd  Gup 3rd Strip – 1st Gup and Cho Dan Bo.

Black BeltBoard Breaking for Black Belt Grading – South West Taekwondo Academy

A black belt is what all taekwondo students aspire to. A black belt is a combination of perseverance, skill and practice. A black belt represents the rejection of fear and darkness,
the endless universe and a realisation of the infinite techniques available.

Black belts are start at 1st Dan (under 15 years a black belt is called a Poom) and can continue as you skills build.

Remember Taekwondo is not only about reaching the next level but having fun
and learning lifelong skills along the way.

We hope you will never need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation but it is wonderful to
know you have the skills if ever you should need them.

Grading – South West Taekwondo Academy

Ask your instructor for more information on grading dates and requirements.